January 12, 2024

NORDVÆR Joins the MYSEA Charter Fleet

Do you have a thirst for adventure, or love to immerse yourself in nature? Maybe you are a keen photographer who is always looking for the next challenge. If any of these ring true, we suggest your next adventure should be to one of the most unspoiled places on earth – the arctic.
Explore one of the most unspoiled places on earth in an ultimate journey of a lifetime onboard NORDVÆR, a brand new 51′ Lagoon catamaran, built in 2023 and designed by VPLP & Patrick le Quement. NORDVÆR is crewed by a dynamic duo – Captain Eric and Marte – who create exceptional charter experiences through the ever-changing landscape of Helgeland, Norway. Curated experiences offering complete comfort and adventure are available all year round onboard NORDVÆR. Spring expeditions will focus on backcountry experiences for guests to ski and snowshoe. Summer voyages will be full of diving, hiking and relaxing under the midnight sun. An experience in the autumn and winter months, will give you a chance to glimpse the incredible Northern Lights or the ocean’s illusive whale species. Under an arctic sky, anything is possible.
Every adventure onboard NORDVÆR is organised in cooperation with local farmers and renowned chefs, showcasing spectacular Norwegian nature, culture, and cuisine. With accommodation for up to 6 guests, this is an experience not to be missed. For more information or to organise your arctic adventure, get in touch with NORDVÆR’s CA representative, Mark Gero.

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