October 3, 2023

Women in Yachting Magazine

WISTA International has launched in 2023 magazine, the Best of Women in Yachting. Our guru on all things green, Sabrina Funk, was featured in this edition and we’re thrilled to see Sabrina share her vision for the future of our industry.
Sabrina Funk at the Monaco Yacht Show
“Sabrina’s yachting journey began with a passion for boats, motor and sailing yachts, nurtured by my family vacations in the North Sea. Obtaining my first navigation licences set my course, sparking my interest in becoming a skipper. Life experiences and exptertise in other industries broadened my horizons and improved my understanding of future challenges. Starting a yachting career at the age of 40 does not mean being off-track; it means knowing where your heart and passion lie.”
Sabrina Funk at the Barcelona Yacht Show
Sabrina represents the groundbreaking AQUON ONE yacht for sale
Read the full article on our Sales and Sustainability Broker, Sabrina Funk, by picking up your own copy or get in touch and discuss your next sales adventure. For insights into how MYSEA are tackling sustainability in the yachting industry, find out more by reading our commitment to Sustainability in Yachting.

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